DM Greg

Los Angeles-based Dungeon Master For Hire with Mastermind Adventures

Greg’s been gaming since the late 80’s, back when he stumbled into a session of Marvel Super Heroes (the old-school FASERIP system) while visiting family in New York. His cousin handed him a character sheet and some dice and said that the characters were breaking into a science lab to steal something.

Well, Greg lasted about 5 minutes before his ADHD-addled eight-year-old brain demanded he find something more stimulating, but a seed had been planted.

You see, it wasn’t long after that trip, Greg began to feel an itch that only making multicolored math rocks go click-clack could scratch, and he soon found himself at his friendly local comic shop, asking his parents to get him the Marvel Super Heroes Advanced System boxed set.

And from there, a monster was born.

Whether it was exploding d6s with West End’s Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, or counting successes on d10s while playing the various World of Darkness RPGs after hours in the science classroom at his Catholic high school (I mean, everybody has a Goth phase, right?), Greg was hooked. Soon, he found himself playing all kinds of TTRPGs – including Palladium, GURPS, Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game (yeah, that’s a thing) and the EverQuest TTRPG.

And while his 18 Dex 3 Str Elf Rogue quickly met his doom by falling off a cliff during his first-ever AD&D Session (leaving quite the foul taste in his mouth, let me tell you), Greg eventually embraced the granddaddy of all RPGs with the release of D&D 3rd Edition. Being one of the few out of his large gaming circle who had most of the books, Greg quickly found himself as a regular DM, running everything from one-shots to multi-year campaigns for his friends. While he enjoyed world building and writing original campaigns, he found that he enjoyed running published adventures and modules more, especially in organized play.

Upon moving to Los Angeles, Greg found himself driving all over the southland to attend various RPGA (and later Adventurer’s League) events, both as a player and as a Dungeon Master. He even attended the inaugural GenCon SoCal as a volunteer DM for Wizards of the Coast, running back-to-back tables of The Legacy of the Green Regent campaign 12 hours a day all con long.

Now a Professional Dungeon Master for hire with Mastermind Adventures, Greg is thrilled to offer Secrets of the Barrowmaze, his West Marches MegaDungeon campaign. You can also catch him behind the DM screen every Monday night on with Tales of the Tortletonis.

Away from the DM Screen, Greg is an award-winning actor, published playwright, and critically acclaimed theatre producer focused on bringing new stories the stage at his intimate theatre venue in Los Angeles, California. He’s also a black belt in WTF Tae Kwon Do and a proud cat dad. Finally, he follows the Boston Red Sox with a near-fanatical devotion. Players should be forewarned: to bash the Sox at his table is to court death and/or disaster.

Check out Greg’s official website for more information on his various projects, productions, and hustles.

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