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Watch out for pests!!!

I hate to disappoint if you're looking for some tales of high adventure, but I can tell ya that there are A LOT fewer giant rats and fire beatles in the barrows now, than there were a week ago.


Mason the Metal is Dead

Alright people listen up - the Bandit leader Mason the Metal who has been harassing Barrowmaze delvers with his band of paper bandits is dead. We returned to the barrows looking to retrieve some fallen adventurers when we ran into this retch and fought it out in the tunnels near the entrance of Barrow 12.


Okay people, listen up!

Okay people, listen up - you are welcome! That's right, we have braved the Barrowmaze to retrieve a prized mushroom ingredient for the Zza's coming out of the Peet ovens!

Job Board

The Rise of The Foot

Drehs Saki here, updating you on the rise of The Foot and the downfall of the Tortletoni's. My genius plan to earn enough money to forge a criminal empire is progressing precisely as planned.

Swamp Spider by DM Greg, created using TaleSpire
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